The Used Icon Challenge

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usedchallenge is an icon contest for icons of The Used.
Mod: simplykay (Kayleigh) and hospiceholiday (Amethyst)

Community banner by simplykay

1. The icons can be animated or not; I'll let the members decide.
2. Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use your icon or post it anywhere till the voting period is over.
3. No telling your friends to vote for you. It breaks rule #2 and it's not fair to the people who follow the rules.
4. No voting for yourself. Because seriously.
5. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards (100x100px, 40KB)
6. Do not take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. If you would like to know who made what icon, please, contact me through email ( simplykay @ livejournal (dot) com ) or AIM ( x that scars me ). You can then get ahold of that maker and ask them if you can use it WITH CREDIT.


1. At the beginning of each contest, the mod will make a post where you can reply with your submission. Comments will be screened so the only people who can see your entry are you and the mod of the community.
2. You will need a host that allows remote linking. Imageshack and Photobucket will work. Your icons will be direct-linked from your account if you win and for voting, so if you don't want that, let the mod know beforehand.
3. When responding with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:


1. Deadline will be whenever the mod says it will be. This deadline will be put in the post with the challenge in it.
2. Icons will be up for voting by Friday Night or Saturday morning.
3. You'll have till Sunday night/Monday morning to vote.
4. Winners will be announced as soon as the voting is complete.
5. Vote in the POLL only. You are allowed 3 picks. Any more or less and your vote will not count.
6. The winning icon will be the community icon until the next winner is announced. (Let the mod know if you don't want your icon the be used like this.)


ville_stillness mcr_stillness afi_stillness brashandbitter jrm_stillness asiargentoicons drew_stillness norton_stills linkin_stills clove_icontest rockstar_ic tbs_stillness _heartachexo gerard_icontest

>>If you want to be affiliates, please contact simplykay or hospiceholiday, or leave a comment on the latest entry.
>>For any suggestions, questions, etc. please contact simplykay or hospiceholiday, or leave a comment on the latest entry.

>>Please promote the community! The more entries we have, the more fun it'll be!