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Jepha Challenge

r u l e s
* you MUST use the pictures provided below.
* non-animated icons ONLY for this challenge!
* you may enter up to two icons.
* post your icon here with the image url and the actual icon (with the img src tag); comments are screened!
* the icon must be within lj regulations; no larger than 100x100 & 40K or less!
* do not post the entered icon ANYWHERE ELSE until the contest is over!
* have fun! :)

I will have a HEADER CONTEST up probably tomorrow or the next day (depending on how I feel!). :) It'll be the header that gets put for the community. Here's a little "perk", though. As the winner, they get to decide the next icon challenge! They decide the rules, pictures, lyrics, whatever! :) They're like ... "guest icon challengers" and they can enter icons into the challenge, since I still put the voting and stuff up!

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